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Tartalom megjelenítő Tartalom megjelenítő

Organisational Overhaul at UNIQA


Budapest, 4 October 2018 - UNIQA Biztosító Zrt. starts off autumn with a new organisational structure that is unique in the industry. The effectiveness of a progressive organisational structure reflecting market needs primarily lies in centralising the entire customer service process for retail, corporate and online customers, be it product development or claims adjustment, thus cutting UNIQA’s response time significantly. Even at international level, the Hungarian member of the company group is the first to have started the organisational restructuring that will take effect on 1 October this year.

“Our goal is clear: to provide flawless user experience. And to achieve this goal, we reconsidered our organisational structure from the ground up and focused on what is most important for our customers. Following the launch of CHERRISK, we are now setting a new trend by having established an organisational structure that is rarely seen in the insurance market and in the life of the international UNIQA Group. Thus, the final piece of the puzzle falls into place to ensure that we remain the best service company in the sector. We are sure that the aforementioned changes will result in faster service for our customers and products that are even better tailored to their needs, and simpler and more transparent operation for UNIQA”, said Krisztián Kurtisz, CEO of UNIQA Biztosító, about the organisational changes.

A retail business line (B2C) headed by Wolf-Christoph Gerlach as Board Member is set up with responsibilities including the development, sales and administration of and claims adjustment for life and non-life products: “Our newly established retail business line focuses on providing modern, fast and excellent service to our retail customers. Process-driven retail customer service requires our full commitment to user experience from product conception through sales to claims adjustment”, the new director said about his new function.

At the same time, a corporate business (B2B, B2B2C) lead by Zoltán Polányi as Board Member is set up to provide services to banking and broker partners as well as small, medium and large corporate customers through the sale and administration of life and non-life products.

“It is most important for the corporate division to have its sales channels (brokers, banking, large corporate, affinity) and its life and non-life product functions work with each other in constant synergy to create the best user experience possible.”

Online sales, including uniqa.hu and Cherrisk.com, will be helmed by company CEO Krisztián Kurtisz.

Thomas Dockal will remain in his current position, being responsible for finances and risk management as a Board Member. With regard to his function, he said: “Our division manages UNIQA Biztosító’s finances and assists different business segments, including the retail, corporate and online functions. Monitoring the entire value chain is also among our key support functions.”

András Juhos will remain as an advisor to the CEO and continue to represent UNIQA Biztosító in the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ) and other strategic partnerships.

Tartalom megjelenítő Tartalom megjelenítő

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